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Siinne acoustic panel is suitable for private homes and public spaces. Made in Finland, Siinne’s products offer limitless possibilities with its hexagonal design, as it is possible to create a unique variety set with several elements. The subtle glowing touch on the surface of the acoustic elements transforms it into a piece of art.

The elements are manufactured with the smallest possible carbon footprint. Peat for the elements is harvested within 3km of the factory and the light source is from a new generation of high-quality, energy efficient, self-cooling LED’s. The acoustic element material is antibacterial, recyclable, and suitable to use in demanding spaces.

1 piece siinne

One piece Siinne light acoustics

Siinne acoustics light consists of individual light elements. You can decorate your home with one piece of Siinne light element.

3 piece siinne

Three piece Siinne light acoustics

You can set up the set of three elements in a variety of ways.

6 piece siinne

Six piece Siinne light acoustics

Connect six individual light elements to create bigger combinations.

9 piece siinne

Nine piece Siinne light acoustics

The nine-piece set presents unlimited assembly options. Let your creativity flow and create your own works of art.



Connect Heksagon light acoustics with Heksagon panels to create sophisticated pieces of art.


Color Play

Play around with different colours to add vibrance to the space.

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